Facilities Engineering Specialists

Type of contract: Fixed-term contract which may be converted into a permanent
contract after three years subject to individual performance and organisational needs.
Who can apply: EU nationals
Salary: E/F band and benefits
Working time: Full-time
Place of work: Frankfurt, Germany

Your team

You will be part of one of two of the sections of the Premises Division (DIV/PRE), in the Directorate General Administration (DG/A). The two sections work closely together to ensure a seamless transition between building projects and operations at the ECB.

The Construction Project Management Section (PROM) plans and manages construction, engineering, fit-out, change and refurbishment projects through all phases of development and implementation, providing high-quality project management services for all aspects of the ECB’s physical environment, ranging from office space and external landscaping projects to highly technical data centre installations and conference facilities.

The Technical Facility Management Section (TEFM) plans and manages all operations and maintenance activities, providing high-quality operational services for all aspects of the ECB’s technical infrastructure for all functional areas, ranging from office space to highly technical data centre installations and conference facilities.

We are currently looking for three electrical or heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sanitary (HVACS) engineers to fill positions as Facilities Engineer Specialists.

To further enhance the diversity of our team, we particularly encourage applications from female candidates.

Your role

As a Facilities Engineer Specialist you will:

  • manage construction and other projects or manage maintenance activities;
  • implement changes and adaptations to electrical or HVACS supply systems;
  • manage and supervise cost controlling and budget consumption in your area of responsibility;
  • coordinate and integrate the requirements of the ECB’s business units in your area of responsibility;
  • support the procurement team in the preparation and execution of procurements;
  • maintain contacts with counterparts at facility management companies and framework contractors that operate the buildings occupied (owned or leased) by the ECB;
  • provide expert engineering support in the event of problems or malfunctions in the aforementioned field;
  • develop and adapt strategies to maintain the ECB’s buildings;
  • enhance the ECB’s technical and building documentation guidelines and technical identification system based on structuring principles and reference designations (e.g. EN 81346/DIN 6779);
  • support the Division in maintaining the as-built documentation in an IT-based technical documentation management system;
  • support the Division in its activities to further improve the Planon computer-aided facility management system.

The position offers you excellent opportunities to work on the ECB’s electrical or HVACS systems and play a major role in their improvement. You will be part of a multicultural team that strives for continuous innovation to make a positive impact on the lives of European citizens.

Qualifications, experience and skills


  • a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or HVACS engineering or a related field, or a vocational training qualification combined with eight years’ experience working in a leading position on improvement and renovation projects/operations or maintenance for technical infrastructure;
  • in addition, at least three years’ relevant professional experience with modern office buildings using electrical technologies like DALI, energy monitoring systems, UPS systems, 10 or 20 kV supply systems and emergency power generators or HVACS technologies such as automated fire extinguishing systems and ventilation systems for fire safety and free cooling;
  • sound knowledge of the relevant building laws, regulations and technical standards;
  • an advanced command of English and German, i.e. a C1 command (under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) of one of these two languages, and at least a B1 command of the other language.


  • experience dealing with the technical aspects and relevant details of high-availability technical infrastructure that includes the provision of back-up systems for IT centres;
  • experience producing high-level documentation, handbooks and reports.

You engage collaboratively with others. You pursue team goals and learn willingly from other people’s diverse perspectives. You signal any need for change by explaining it and proposing alternative solutions. You analyse complex information effectively and can evaluate different views to arrive at solutions. You know and anticipate stakeholder needs.

Working modalities

We are willing to discuss part-time arrangements.

Further Information

The formal title for this position will be Technical Specialist.

Two contracts will be convertible into permanent contracts after three years subject to individual performance and organisational needs. One contract will be fixed-term, the appointment being for two years as of the exact starting date of the selected person, which may be extended subject to individual performance and organisational needs.

The recruitment process for this position may include a WebEx interview at the pre-screening stage and – if you are invited to participate further in the selection procedure – an on-site written exercise, a presentation and panel interviews.

German language skills are a requirement for this position. The position holder will be required to interact with German authorities (for example, to understand/apply German building standards) and local suppliers as well as to deal with documents related to the ECB’s premises that are drafted in German. English language skills are also required for this position as English is the common vehicle language of the ECB.

The language abilities of candidates will be tested as part of the recruitment process.

A successful candidate who has only an intermediate command of either German or English will be expected to take language tuition to bring this level to at least a higher intermediate command (equivalent to level B2) of the language. Tuition will be organised and paid for in full by the ECB. Lessons will take place during working hours, unless agreed otherwise. The language abilities of the successful candidate will also be tested at the end of the probation period to assess the level of progress, which is a pre-condition for the successful completion of the probationary period. If progress is slower than expected, the ECB may consider extending the probation period.