Chapter Lead Java

Your role & work environment

You are an energetic Chapter Lead with people management responsibilities, knowledge of the Finance environment of ING and in particularly PeopleSoft (G/L, Consolidation, Neos).

You spent a part of your time on the applications. The remaining part of your time you spend on building up expertise in your chapter and developing your chapter members. You are enthusiastic about transferring your knowledge to others, and about coaching around approximately 10 members of your Chapter and oversee their personal development.

Your key responsibilities

Creating and safeguarding the ‘new’ culture

  • Has an active role in effecting the culture change. Functions as an ambassador for culture change and is a role model in terms of the new way of working: from ‘an organization talking’ to ‘an organization doing’.
  • Facilitates insights and actions from individuals and the team for self-development and for maintenance of a high level of performance.

Achieve and manage IT maturity and the squad’s mission

  • Has an up-to-date vision regarding IT expertise and keeps abreast of developments:
  • Stay up to date on your topic and apply your learnings in your specific context,
  • Regularly organize alignment meetings on chapter specific topics to update colleagues on new developments;
  • Define standards and best practices for the chapter.
  • Is recognized as an competent in his or her field.


  • Spends approximately half of the time working as an Engineer, Feature Engineer or Architect.

Development and facilitation in the hierarchical line

  • Is responsible for the personal development and evaluation of his/her chapter members, based on input from the Product Owner, the Agile Coach and individual squad members.
  • Encourages his/her chapter members to develop themselves and facilitates this. Provides coaching both in terms of professional and of personal development. Constantly ensures development of individual members’ expertise:
  • Ensures training opportunities are available as required.
  • Identifies top performance and takes action at an early stage for underperformance.
  • Discusses both the progress and the development needs of the chapter as a whole the IT Area Lead.
  • Supports recruiting of talents (e.g. interview applicants)Resource planning
  • Discusses resource planning for a squad and chapter as a whole with the IT Area Lead and product Owner.

Knowledge sharing

  • Ensures application of standards in his/her own area of IT expertise.
  • Shares relevant insights/developments in his/her own IT expertise with members of his/her own and possibly also other chapters.


  • Together with the Product Owner and Agile Coach, he/she is a key member of the Product Owner, Chapter Lead and Agile Coach (POCLAC) sessions, where ways to optimize

We look for

A colleague with a talent for taking it on and making it happen, enthusiasm for helping others to be successful and a knack for always being a step ahead. In other words, you strive to bring fresh ideas to life and embrace challenges in a fast changing and complex environment. You are a naturally collaborative person who listens and invests in others to achieve common goals. You love to challenge the status quo and are eager to propose creative solutions to problems.

As a Chapter Lead you will also need:

Education and Professional certifications

The IT Chapter Lead is at least a competent Engineer, Feature Engineer or Architect, and has the education and professional certifications required for those functions.

Skills and competences
The IT Chapter Lead …

  • Is inspiring and exude energy and passion.
  • Has inspiring people management style
  • Has a keen IT market focus: you are passionate about major trends in the new way of working, including Lean IT, continuous delivery, cloud processes, etc.
  • Is focused on collaboration: he/she sets aside own ‘ego’ in the interests of achieving the best results – he/she helps others achieve success.
  • Achieves optimum results by empowering teams and giving them responsibility, at the same time, challenging them and keeping them ‘on the ball’.
  • Encourages people to achieve real personal development.
  • Has the capacity to learn new content quickly and transfer it.
  • Actively seeks help and feedback, but is also not afraid to give feedback.
  • Is curious and always look out for innovation opportunities in his/her focus area.
  • Has a mindset that focusses on continuous improvement.

Experience and specialised knowledge on the Agile implementation, functional knowledge, …..

Education and Professional certifications

The IT Chapter Lead is at least a competent Engineer, Feature Engineer or Architect, and has the education and professional certifications required for those functions.

We offer you

The paragraph below is fixed for all ING vacancies, aligned with our global employee value proposition and Orange Code. Content cannot be modified nor removed.

A clear purpose, a unique offer and a range of flexible compensation and other benefits:

  • Personal growth & challenging work with endless opportunities to realise your ambitions
  • An informal, dynamic environment with innovative colleagues supporting your endeavours
  • A progressive and agile way of working, where new ideas are valued ahead of convention

We redefine banking. What about you?

There has never been a more interesting time to work at ING. We’re on a journey that’s centred around our customers, powered by technology and driven by smart, determined people. Our customers feel our people are empowering them to stay a step ahead in life and in business. We’re proud of that!