Supply Chain Modeling & Simulation Analyst


Procter & Gamble is one of the top Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in the world in terms of revenue, market capitalization and number of global Brands. We produce and distribute our products in all the countries of the world, with the ambition to be in EVERY household of the world with our products. Europe is our 2nd biggest Region in terms of revenue (after North America) and dense of complexities (Focus and Enterprise Markets, geographies).


P&G is a recognized Supply Chain Master (Gartner, 2019), acknowledging our sustained leadership in Supply Chain Management consistently over the last 10 years.
In order to continue leading the way, P&G is fully embracing Technology and Innovation. Digital Twins, Augmented Analytics, Artificial Intelligence are new approaches we are integrating into our current operating methods. We are also extending the spectrum of our analysis beyond individual nodes (where we only achieve suboptimal results) into a full end2end study of the Supply Chain. As a return we expect to increase the value we extract from our Supply Chain in terms of service, cost and inventory.


The SC Modeling & Simulation Analyst will drive this Transformation and will deliver Value Creation solutions to the business, to improve our competitiveness on the market.



The SC M&S Analyst will be responsible to deliver Value Creation (service, cost, inventory) through analytical studies where a selected e2e Supply Chain is modeled into a Digital Twin, is optimized across all its nodes and the business consequences are visualized, to enable management decision making and actual implementation.


The Analyst leads the study, coordinating a multifunctional team of experts for that specific Supply Chain and a pool of vendors, responsible to execute the digital mapping. He/she is responsible of selecting the approach and the methodologies, to supervise the implementation, to validate the outcome and achieve the business results.


The Analyst will not execute the work seated in an office, but he/she will be travelling to the different locations (nodes) of the Supply Chain, will study the process with his/her own eyes, will talk to people responsible of process execution, will test the validity of his/her ideas on the floor. He/she will become a master of the e2e process himself/herself.


The Analyst will bring new ideas and will not be afraid of testing innovative approaches, knowing that – out of several failures, there will be a potential ‘big win’. In parallel he/she will have a pragmatic approach and contribute to the business from the ‘early wins’ to the ‘full potential’ of his/her recommendation.


He/she will defend his/her idea in front of the business owner and will seek concurrence for actual implementation. The Analyst will coach and supervise the execution of the optimization, to confirm that results are actually achieved.



  • Engineering or Applied Sciences University Master degree
  • Good understanding of industrial processes, supply chain and logistics
  • A passion for technology, digital, data, business intelligence and ‘real’ industrial processes
  • Experience in digital modeling and simulation, with any industrial software
  • Experience in data analysis and visualization
  • An entrepreneurial approach, able to lead teams and coach others
  •  The willingness to make a sound difference and step-up and innovate from the existing approaches