Our mission

We accelerate the transition to climate neutrality for the economy and society.

Therefore, we plan, build, operate and market wind, photovoltaic and hydropower plants as well as pumped storage and battery storage.

We support industrial customers, municipalities and the housing industry in implementing their sustainability goals by optimizing consumption and designing and operating highly efficient building and energy technology systems. With concepts for climate-friendly heat supply, mobility and digitization, we support the development of sustainable neighborhoods.

We trade in electricity and gas, supply end customers with energy, offer multidisciplinary engineering solutions in the fields of energy, water and infrastructure, and are one of the leading storage operators in Germany.

Career opportunities
These are just examples of the types of job opportunities the company offers. A complete overview of job opportunities can be found in the respective career portal


Working at ENGIE

We’re already tackling tomorrow’s climate challenges today! From cutting-edge ventilation and air conditioning tech to smart building automation and top-notch security systems, all the way to facility services, energy management, and eco-friendly energy solutions – our products and services are on the frontline of the battle for climate neutrality.

Each project we take on is a pledge to the future, a promise we’re keeping right now. We’re on the lookout for go-getters, folks with a strong sense of commitment, and a real passion for ingenious solutions in technology, service, energy, and energy efficiency. If you want to be part of a company that values responsibility and thrives on innovation, you’re in the right place!

No matter where you’re from or what your aspirations are, we’ve got your back. We’re here to provide the support and freedom you need to tackle your tasks and reach your goals. Thanks to our partnership with the global ENGIE Group, with a workforce of 171,000 across 70+ countries, we’ve got all the backing we need. It’s how we’re driving exciting projects towards a climate-neutral future and building profitable partnerships along the way.