At Colas, our people are our wealth, our future, the cornerstones that pave the way to a successful business.

The story of Colas is written by our people, working as a team, boosted by a strong culture of managerial excellence and engaged by shared values: Caring, Sharing, Daring. From different backgrounds, cultures, geographies, business environments, our people’s diversity is inseparable from who we are at Colas. We are stronger for it and I am proud to be part of it. We realize at Colas that people are what grow a company. Investing in people’s development is why our businesses thrive and why we are confident about our future. We focus on nurturing talent and helping people to reach their full potential along their career path.

When you join us for a job, we hope you will stay with us for a career. At Colas, we are open to the world, pioneers of a clever alchemy combining global strength and local roots. Our footprint and network allow us to offer career opportunities locally, regionally, and internationally. We open the way for every person in the Group to be their very best.

Career opportunities

These are just an example of the types of job opportunity the company offers. More information on available positions will be available at the Summit.


Colas, a subsidiary of the Bouygues Group, has one mission: to imagine, build and maintain sustainable transport infrastructure. Backed by a network of 800 construction business units and 3,000 material production units in more than 50 countries on five continents, the Group’s 57,000 employees act locally to connect communities and foster exchanges for today and tomorrow. Colas’ ambition is to be the world leader in innovative sustainable mobility solutions

Colas Rail takes up the challenges of tomorrow and contributes to setting up sustainable mobility solutions. Our 12 areas of expertise enable us to cover the entire life cycle of railway infrastructures, from design to construction and maintenance. The international leader in our field, we are presents in over 20 countries and employ 5,600 people throughout the world.

Colas Projects: Our subsidiary dedicated to major project

Colas created Colas Projects to expand the Group’s operations connected with more complex, larger-scale projects in sectors further outside the scope of its core business. To complete these major projects, Colas’ subsidiary uses multidisciplinary and often multicultural teams, which include specialists in a variety of technical fields, engineering, project financing and more. These teams work together at every stage of a project, from preparing the overall bid to executing the contract.

For each project, Colas Projects assembles a team of key resources with specific profiles, such as project managers, contract officers, financial controllers, planners, process managers and QHSE managers. The Group’s subsidiaries provide a local presence and offer additional support to project teams in planning and executing work.

Methods Engineer (f/m/x)

Your Responsibilities

You define the operating mode and procedures and supervise the methods of carrying out the work.

You intervene upstream of the site to carry out the site method studies. By defining an execution schedule and a work methodology (operating methods, human and material resources), your objective is to maximize the available resources and minimize the nuisance and environmental impact.

You propose several variants for carrying out the work, comparing the impacts (human, environmental, financial, material, etc.) of each.

You also intervene during the launch phase of the construction site, in coordination with the Works teams.


  • Graduated from an engineering school, you have proven experience in the construction sector.
  • You are proficient in CAD/DAO (AUTOCAD) and project management (MS Project) software.
  • You master the MS Office suite and have a good knowledge of Qualiroutes.

Tendering Manager (f/m/x)

Main mission:

Establish commercial offers related to large-scale projects (France and International) in the fields of complex urban development, infrastructure and / or multi-site projects.

Your responsibilities:

  • Lead multidisciplinary teams, combining internal and external skills: technical teams (project design, method and costing), administrative, legal and financial experts, in order to manage competitive commercial offers in compliance with customer needs
  • Lead the project team in the study phase and be the privileged interface for the various stakeholders
  • Establish the commercial proposal in conjunction with the price studies and methods teams, until the submission of the offer
  • Follow the commercial offer until its conclusion
  • Ensure the transfer of the file to the Project Director in charge of implementation.

Profile :

Graduated of a master’s degree (TP or generalist engineer, Master 2 GC), you have at least ten years of experience in the management of public works or civil engineering projects, (within a builder or project management), in France and/or internationally.

Hard skills :

You are experienced in the management of complex projects and responses to calls for tenders, and master the technical components of infrastructure and development projects (public works, civil engineering, rail, etc.), from design to exploitation.

Soft skills :

You are recognized for your sense of organization, analytical and synthesis skills, writing skills, ability to be innovative and flexible.

Field Manager (f/m/x)

Your responsibilities:

  • Analyze in advance the execution documents required and available to carry out the work (status of visas for plans and quality documents such as material approval sheets, supply orders, permits, procedures, resources, etc.) to anticipate possible actions to prioritize
  • Be in permanent contact with the works team to identify field problems, analyze them and ensure feedback
  • Prepare requests for site adaptations by:
    • Identifying the problem and the disciplines / professions / subsystems / interfaces concerned
    • Referencing the documentation concerned and/or impacted
    • Establishing the best solution proposal for the works (compatibility with the means, know-how, context, land clashes, etc.)
    • Following up on adaptation requests by representing the work to engineering / quality and vice versa.
    • Once the request has been answered by engineering / quality via an adaptation sheet (FAD), the works engineer will inform the works
  • Record and track requests for site adaptations (and therefore adaptation sheets)
  • Ensure the correct configuration, i.e. coordinate studies and works:
    • Ensuring that the works have and use the latest valid versions of the plans
    • Coordinating and reviewing the quality and geometric controls of the works as the work progresses
    • By coordinating the referents of the design office on upcoming activities and the needs for corresponding plans
  • Manage the methods / topo designer and the quantity surveyor in order to have in time:
    • Detailed solutions of site adaptation proposals (or pre-as-builts, i.e. EXE plans drawn as we are about to execute for quick validation and allowing to have nothing more to 'redesign ' for as-builts)
    • 3-5 week study schedules
    • Quantities required (orders) and achieved (progress measurements)


  • You are a graduate of an engineering school and have proven experience in the construction sector.
  • You are familiar with CAD/DAO (AUTOCAD) and project management (MS Project) software.
  • You master the MD Office suite and have a good knowledge of Qualiroutes.

Responsable Etudes de prix

Spécialisé dans la construction et l’entretien d’infrastructures routière Colas Suisse fait partie du groupe Colas international, leader mondial de la route. Colas Suisse regroupe plusieurs centres travaux, carrières, postes d’enrobés et bureaux d’études. Chaque jour 700 collaborateurs mettent leur savoir-faire au service de nos clients dans l’esprit de nos deux grandes valeurs que sont la sécurité et l’éthique.

Votre mission :
Dynamique et souhaitant relever de nouveaux défis ou de réorienter votre carrière professionnelle, vous aspirez à travailler de manière autonome au sein d’une équipe jeune et motivée. Vous avez un grand sens de la négociation et vous aimez le contact humain. Vous appréciez mettre de la rigueur et du coeur à l’ouvrage, vous êtes passionné par votre

Directement rattaché à la Direction de l’entreprise, vous participez à l’acquisition de mandats mis en soumission et réalisez des études de prix. Vous serez également en charge de développer la prise d’affaires et assurer la vente de nos produits à valeurs ajoutés.

Vos principales responsabilités :

  • Chiffrer la réalisation du chantier et monter des dossiers d’offres techniques,
  • Rechercher des fournisseurs et des sous-traitants,
  • Déterminer l’ensemble des moyens à mettre en oeuvre pour la réalisation des travaux dans le respect des objectifs de qualité, sécurité et de délai définis dans le dossier de consultation,
  • Réaliser l’étude de prix (visite du site, mise en place de la méthodologie, pilotage de l’étude, consultation des partenaires, calculs …)
  • Assurer le transfert des dossiers d’études aux équipes travaux en présentant et justifiant les hypothèses de calculation.

Votre profil :

  • Votre maîtrise technique dans les domaines particuliers du Génie Civil et des revêtements bitumineux (niveau HES ou équivalent),
  • Une première expérience dans la conduite de travaux routiers,
  • Bonnes capacités d’écoute,
  • Votre goût de la performance,
  • Bonne aptitude relationnelle et capacité d’intégration dans une équipe.

Vos talents au coeur de nos projets. Chez Colas nous nous engageons pour votre intégration et nous soutenons votre développement au travers de notre politique de formation. Nous vous offrons toutes les prestations d’une entreprise de notre envergure. N'hésitez pas à postuler sur notre site emploi.of Qualiroutes.

Traineeships English (f/m/x)

Bachelor or master traineeships Flanders

Colas Belgium is part of the Colas Group, world leader in road construction. Colas Belgium specialises in designing, building and maintaining roads, town centres and infrastructure works. We rank among the top Belgian companies and are experts in the construction of village and city centres, roads and motorways, tramlines, logistics platforms, car parks, shopping centres, subdivisions, foundations for wind farms, sports complexes and parks. With over 1100 colleagues, Colas Belgium is in earshot of continuous growth, thanks in part to the technical knowledge, creativity and commitment of our employees. With safety at number 1, we always guarantee top quality of our completed projects and compliance with budgets and deadlines. This makes us an extremely reliable partner for both the public and private sectors.

Want to know more about road construction? Triggered by infrastructure or civil engineering and looking for an instructive and varied internship with a global player? Then you have come to the right place at Colas.

We belong to the Colas group, with branches in more than 50 countries and no fewer than 58,000 people working day in day out in a socially responsible way on the mobility of tomorrow.

As a trainee at one of our infrastructure or civil engineering sites, you are guaranteed an exciting introduction to our core business. Are you curious about the ins and outs of work preparation, topography, calculation, one of our labs or another department? That too is perfectly possible at Colas Belgium! Depending on the region where you live, you can do your internship at one of our 3 Dutch-speaking sites.

As a (penultimate) year bachelor or master student, we can accommodate you in every province. Throughout your internship, you will be coached by an experienced mentor. You will learn the tricks of the trade and will soon be contributing to the project in which you are participating.

Your profile

  • You are a bachelor or master student in architecture
  • You are communicative, eager to learn and organised
  • You have a driving licence (B) and if possible your own transport

Within an innovative and dynamic working atmosphere, we offer a varied and challenging internship with numerous learning opportunities under the guidance of experienced mentors. And who knows: afterwards a flying start in your first job?

Project Manager Infrastructure region Antwerp (f/m/x)

Colas Belgium is part of the Colas Group, the world's number 1 in road construction. Colas Belgium specializes in road works, urban planning and infrastructure. We are one of the biggest players on the Belgian market in the construction of city centers, roads and motorways, bicycle tracks, foundations for wind farms, tram lines, logistics platforms, car parks, shopping centers, subdivisions, sports complexes and parks. Colas Belgium's development is based on the technical know-how, creativity and commitment of our employees. Colas Belgium employs over 1,100 staff whose drive and outstanding skills ensure the quality of projects and compliance with budgets and deadlines each time.

As project leader, you will be operationally responsible for the organization, supervision and successful delivery of the site(s) for which you are responsible, while complying with health, safety and environmental regulations.

Your responsibilities:

  • You guarantee the application of health, safety and environmental instructions and the various regulatory frameworks and you promote Colas' safety culture.
  • You participate in the preparation of the annual budget for your work area.
  • You oversee the performance of all sites for which you are responsible. You coordinate and validate all site preparations, monitor and control the budgetary, contractual and financial management and results, optimize profitability, consolidate monthly activity reports, ensure closure and acceptance of sites.
  • You contribute to closing deals in collaboration with the main project manager and the operations director. You monitor, manage and negotiate deals, maintain relationships for monitoring and customer loyalty, you evaluate key subcontractors and suppliers with a view to further collaboration with Colas.
  • You guide the site managers in their tasks and in their professional growth.
  • You are the link between the site managers and the operations manager.

Your profile:

  • Civil or Industrial Engineer Construction.
  • You have at least 5 years of relevant experience as a project manager in roadworks and infrastructure.
  • You have solid people management experience and possess the skills to manage and motivate your team and promote cooperation.
  • You are strong in planning and organizing. You are also communicative and have a customer-oriented attitude.
  • You take responsibility to deliver quality results.
  • You are flexible and stress-resistant and deal smoothly with unexpected circumstances or problems that arise.
  • You have a good knowledge of Dutch and ideally a basic knowledge of French.

Within an innovative and dynamic work environment, we offer a varied and challenging position in a family atmosphere with career opportunities in Belgium and abroad, permanent training opportunities and an attractive salary package with numerous extra-legal benefits such as an electric company car with charging card, a bonus system, insurance package, etc.

Calculator (f/m/x)

Colas Belgium is part of the Colas Group, a world leader in the construction of sustainable transport infrastructure. Colas Belgium specializes in road works, urban planning and infrastructure. We belong to the top 3 and focus on the construction of city centers, roads and highways, cycle paths, tramlines, logistics platforms, foundations for wind turbines, car parks, shopping centers, subdivisions, sports complexes and parks. Colas Belgium is in constant growth, partly thanks to more than 1,100 employees whose sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and excellent technical skills guarantee the quality of our projects and compliance with budgets and deadlines, both in the public and private sectors.

We are looking for a junior or experienced colleague to strengthen our engineering department in Wijnegem

Your responsibilities:

  • You analyze new tender dossiers for financial and technical feasibility
  • You calculate and check the required quantities
  • You collect the required data from suppliers, subcontractors and our internal procurement department
  • You assist our site and project managers with the preparation of calculations
  • You calculate the tender price
  • Depending on your experience, your tasks and responsibilities will expand

Your strengths:

  • You have obtained your engineering degree or equivalent through relevant experience in a study department
  • You show an interest in road construction
  • You work extremely accurately
  • You are strong in organization and planning. You are also communicative and customer-oriented
  • You are flexible and stress-resistant and you cope well with unexpected circumstances

You will work in an innovative and dynamic working environment, with growth opportunities at home and abroad, a family atmosphere with attention to your work-life balance, permanent training opportunities and an attractive salary package complemented by numerous extra-legal benefits such as an electric company car.