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McKinsey is a global management consulting firm committed to helping organizations accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth. We work with clients across the private, public, and social sectors to solve complex problems and create positive change for all their stakeholders. We combine bold strategies and transformative technologies to help organizations innovate more sustainably, achieve lasting gains in performance, and build workforces that will thrive for this generation and the next.

Career opportunities

These are just an example of the types of job opportunity the company offers. More information on available positions will be available at the Summit.


McKinsey Digital is a diverse community of over 5,000 agile coaches, architects, cybersecurity experts, data scientists, designers, developers, engineers, and technology leads.

We help our clients create change that matters—transformation, enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities.

We drive transformation and build businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the digital age. We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology and capitalize on new technology, optimize and automate operations, fuel digital growth, create stunning digital experiences, and build digital talent and culture.


Data Scientist – QuantumBlack


Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, Warsaw, Zurich



You will join our Brussels office, as a data scientist at QuantumBlack. You will work with other data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers, designers and project managers on interdisciplinary projects, using maths, stats and machine learning to derive structure and knowledge from raw data across various industry sectors.

Who you are

You are a highly collaborative individual who is capable of laying aside your own agenda, listening to and learning from colleagues, challenging thoughtfully and prioritizing impact. You search for ways to improve things and work collaboratively with colleagues. You believe in iterative change, experimenting with new approaches, learning and improving to move forward quickly

Our Tech Stack

While we advocate for using the right tech for the right task, we often leverage the following technologies: Python, PySpark, TensorFlow, PyTorch, SQL, Airflow, Databricks, our own OSS called Kedro  (check out a Kedro tutorial video here), container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, cloud solutions such as AWS, GCP or Azure, and more!



As a data scientist at QuantumBlack, you will work in multi-disciplinary environments harnessing data to provide real-world impact for organisations globally.  You will influence many of the recommendations our clients need to positively change their businesses and enhance performance.


Role responsibilities

  • Work on complex and extremely varied data sets from some of the world’s largest organisations to solve real world problems
  • Develop data science products and solutions for clients as well as for our data science team
  • Write highly optimized code to advance our internal Data Science Toolbox
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary environment with specialists in machine learning, engineering and design
  • Focus on modelling by working alongside the Data Engineering team
  • Add real-world impact to your academic expertise, as you are encouraged to write papers and present at meetings and conferences should you wish
  • Take part in R&D (video: R&D at QuantumBlack); attend conferences such as NIPS and ICML as well as data science retrospectives where you will have the opportunity to share and learn from your co-workers
  • Work in one of the most advanced data science teams globally


What you’ll learn

  • How successful projections on real world problems across a variety of industries are completed through referencing past deliveries of end to end machine learning pipelines
  • Build products alongside the Core engineering team and evolve the engineering process to scale with data, handling complex problems and advanced client situations
  • Best practices in software development and productionise machine learning by working with our Machine Learning Engineering teams which optimise code for model development and scale it
  • Work with our UX and Visual Design teams to interpret your complex models into stunning and user-focused visualisations
  • Using new technologies and problem-solving skills in a multicultural and creative environment

You will work on the frameworks and libraries that our teams of data scientists and data engineers use to progress from data to impact. Watch our Protocols series video tutorial. You will guide global companies through data science solutions to transform their businesses and enhance performance across industries including healthcare, automotive, energy and elite sport.

  • Real-World Impact – No project is ever the same; we work across multiple sectors, providing unique learning and development opportunities internationally.
  • Fusing Tech & Leadership – We work with the latest technologies and methodologies and offer first class learning programmes at all levels.
  • Multidisciplinary Teamwork - Our teams include data scientists, engineers, project managers, UX and visual designers who work collaboratively to enhance performance.
  • Innovative Work Culture – Creativity, insight and passion come from being balanced. We cultivate a modern work environment through an emphasis on wellness, insightful talks and training sessions.
  • Striving for Diversity – With colleagues from over 40 nationalities, we recognise the benefits of working with people from all walks of life... check out our Women Transforming Tech highlights reel and our Kedro playlist



  • Degree with discipline in computer science, machine learning, applied statistics, mathematics or engineering
  • Experience in applying data science and machine learning methods to real world problems
  • Demonstrated ability to write clean, maintainable, and robust code in Python
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL required
  • Good presentation and communication skills with the ability to explain complex analytical concepts to people from other fields
  • Track record of being a methodical yet creative problem solver
  • Business level fluency (both verbally and in writing) in French or Dutch as well as English is mandatory

Specialist - Digital Marketing


Berlin Bucharest Dusseldorf Hamburg London Munich Paris



At McKinsey Digital, you will join a global team working on everything from IT modernization and strategy to agile, cloud, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. You will work on projects across all industries and functions and will be fully integrated with the rest of our global firm.

You’ll also work with colleagues from across McKinsey & Company to help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses, both on technology and non-technology topics. Our culture is collegial and fun, and we have the freedom to try new ideas, experiment, and challenge traditional approaches. In joining us, you will become part of a team that supports and mentors each other, always curious to learn something new.



Working across multiple industries and countries, you will partner with colleagues from across the Firm to help our clients launch agile marketing and personalization programs at scale, enabled by data and technology. You will develop and deliver digital marketing strategies and programs that accelerate customer acquisition and customer value across channels from our clients.



You will…

  • Develop and deliver specific performance marketing strategies and programs that accelerate customer acquisition and customer value across channels, including making daily optimization recommendations and campaign ops within the ad-tech / MarTech platforms
  • Contribute to defining the implications to the client operating model, new roles and organization implications and operating processes. You will also contribute to the strategies and solutions for marketing technology
  • Help to advance our clients overall knowledge base by contributing to and expanding their diagnostic and assessment toolkit and approaches
  • Apply your expertise across multiple different industries and countries



  • You are experienced in executing and / or leading at-scale digital marketing programs
  • You have a track record delivering customer acquisition performance – managing digital marketing channels, as well as conversion rate optimization & A/B testing
  • You understand deeply the ad-tech ecosystem, with hands on experience with bid managers, ad-servers, DMPs and DSPs
  • You are an analytical thinker – with experience utilizing first and third-party data for segmentation, audience creation, targeting, and personalization
  • Comfortable presenting to senior executives from technical and non-technical backgrounds in English

Cloud Engineer


Amsterdam Brussels Copenhagen London Madrid



You’ll join the McKinsey Digital practice in our Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, London or Madrid office. This group brings together the best of McKinsey’s digital capabilities to help our clients use technology to transform their businesses.

As part of this global team, you will deliver technology enabled solutions of the future. This will involve all business value chain activities from understanding product needs to product development to on-going maintenance and enhancement.

You’ll typically work on projects across all industries and functions and will be fully integrated with the rest of our global firm. You’ll also work with colleagues from across McKinsey & Company to help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses.

Our office culture is casual, fun and social, with an emphasis on education and innovation. We have the freedom to try new ideas, experiment and are expected to be constantly learning and growing. We put a strong emphasis on mentoring others in the group, enabling them to grow and learn.



As a Cloud Engineer, you will play a critical role in driving the design, development and implementation of diverse public cloud initiatives (AWS, Azure, GCP). You will be responsible for providing cutting-edge technology solutions to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Your work will be hands on in the creation of software components, modules and integrations. You will also create software testing implementations including unit, functional, acceptance, performance and security tests. As a Cloud Developer, you will be a key team member in development cycles and provide feedback on technical constraints. You will implement dynamically scalable and highly available services and deploy production systems into cloud environments.

Finally, you will be an active learner, identifying new or better ways to deliver impact with people and technology. You will develop a growth mindset and relish opportunities to use familiar and unfamiliar technologies, closed source and open source software. You will embrace agile software development practices and contribute to growing and improving our engineering teams at McKinsey. Through cross functional collaboration, you will also hone your business and consulting skills through interactions with non-technical colleagues.



  • 3+ years experience in driving the strategy, architecture, design and implementation of cloud initiatives
  • Deep expertise of AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Good understanding of container orchestration platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, ECS or others
  • Experience in one or more programming languages (e.g. NodeJS, Golang, Ruby or Python)
  • Strong experience using infrastructure-as-code such as Terraform, Cloudformation or others
  • Strong devops automation experience including setup and configuration of CI/CD pipelines and surrounding ecosystem
  • Ability to work independently and within a team
  • Strong command of English (both verbal and written)