At VINCI Concessions, we understand that the world is evermore on the move. Mobility is driving development, and development is driving mobility – with more people and goods using airports, highways, and railways infrastructures than ever before.

VINCI Concessions is part of VINCI Group, a global player in concessions and contracting.

VINCI Concessions is a global leader in mobility infrastructure. Based on a unique combination of expertise, we deploys our leaderships in the airport, road and railway industries around the world.

Committed for the long term alongside our partners, we design, finance, build, operate and maintain world-class transportation infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all.

VINCI Concession’s human resources strategy promotes international mobility, cross-disciplinary cooperation and local empowerment to keep pace with the growing demand for quality infrastructure.

This approach allows us to develop responsive project teams to meet the growing needs of governments and local authorities worldwide.

One of our HR challenges is to find the talent for our different activities and trades. In this dynamic and changing context, VINCI Concessions is reinventing its businesses on a permanent basis.

Our recruitment strategy and our training policy must therefore be innovative and turned towards digital!

“You will enjoy working with us”

Employee empowerment has been at the core of VINCI’s model, and the key to its success, since the beginning.
We pay particular attention to human qualities of our employees as evidenced by our recruitment campaign: “Be yourself: at VINCI you don’t have to fit into a mould!”

Too curious? Too bold? Too creative? Too ambitious? Too committed? Do you hear that a lot? At VINCI you won’t because your human qualities are what enrich our companies.